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Weekly Coaching to build your Rockstar Mindset

With over $100,000 worth of personal development coaching, you get video trainings, action worksheets, Q&A time with Joi and a supportive community… all without the personal coaching price tag!

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Weekly Step-by-Step Coaching

That will show you how to:

Rock your greatness
using the right mindset

Live the Life You Know You Deserve

Learn the exact strategies that can be used to build a life that many only dream of; winning strategies that can help you crush the limiting beliefs and move you to a Rockstar, mind-blowing comeback!

Rock your Life and Your Results

Success boils down to the most important 20% of your daily activities. Learn how to stack the impact of your morning routine to see greater results week by week.

Build An Emotional Fortress

Run your life on your own terms once you develop that Rockstar Mindset. When faced with challenges and trials, it takes a  winning, rocking mindset to overcome the kind of stress, negativity and confusion we face.

Joi has spent over a decade learning the tools that she’s going to share with you, without you having to spend the tens of thousands of dollars she did when she was learning from the best of the best!

Wouldn’t it be great if:

  • You could set boundaries that operate in your favor without causing an upheaval in your life?
  • You could ask for what you want and really know that you can receive it?
  • You could build the internal strength it takes to successfully navigate challenging situations?
  • You finally crushed the limiting beliefs that keep you stagnant and stuck in a rut?

You Can...

See your goals stack
significantly as you make
use of your weekly training!

You will receive:
Access to hours and hours of my highest quality content and proven strategies for  your success.

You will receive:
New beliefs, thinking and personal behaviours that have allowed Rockstars to create success in record time.

You will receive:
The short cut to success. Why spend years and years, and thousands of dollars that I’ve spent to get results, when I can just share with you all of the actionable information right now?

Hear What Others Have to Say about Joi and Woosah Women!

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“Joi just has a natural gift for tapping into what you need spiritually in order to excel in your chosen profession, or even in your personal life.”

Debra A. – Champaign, IL

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“When I think about Joi Marshall,  I think authenticity. She has made me realize that I can be my authentic self, and we all have a unique gift inside of us, that can only we can express.”

Christa H. – Chicago, IL

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“Joi has helped me in understanding that that energy is everything. She has helped me broaden my horizons in life.”

Keymia E. – Los Angeles, CA

Here are just a few examples of what you'll learn:

  • How to Get rid of negative thoughts holding you back
  • To use morning routines that set you up for success every day
  • Model the behaviours of successful people
  • What it’s like to have great people skills to understand others
  • The secrets to utilizing your unconscious mind
  • To stop burdening thoughts that cause you harm
  • How to change your mindset to make it work in your favor
  • How to “Rockstar goal-setting” techniques and actually achieve them

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Guided Meditations to help you “see” what your new life looks like!

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